May the gods smile upon you with more coin in Olympia Slot

Count your blessings and pray to all the gods, even if they're the old or the new ones! While playing the game of Olympia Slot 3-reel, there's signs that any coin combo can still win something. Pray for an early fall so those fig leaves can grant the big jackpot you're hoping to win.
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Step out from the Gladiator arena to experience the Olympia Slot

Thunder and lightning unite one last time for the explosive spins in Olympia Slot 3-reel games. You know the gods are involved somehow since the jackpot reward for these fig leaves can reel-in 5000 coins for 3 on this win line. Make your stake spins for as little as 10 cents a coin!

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As if the gods smile upon you when playing the Olympia Slot game. If there's no doubt to the magic involved even the demon god Hades is pulling back the flames so your chances of getting sucked into wins is even greater. Heck, you never know what can happen!

Having the best of luck with 10-cent wagers on each coin is awesome enough, imagine what 5 bucks per coin can do? As mentioned before a 3-coin play can yield the best results when spinning the Olympia Slot.

Each paytable win depends on the coin played even if it's a little or a lot per coin value, the coins played make the difference here. Even with the lightning bolts present, each of them carries multipliers from 1-3x depending on which is landed, whereas the medals all carry a 3x pay for each and can be intermixed for subtle wins. Top jackpot wins here may grant 1000, 2000, or 5000 coins for the amount of coins staked.

Even at the low end of the betting spectrum you can still gain respect from the gods themselves. Three coins is all that's needed to land the bigger catch direct from Zeus himself even!
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