Celebrate the gentlemen’s ball game, rugby, in Odd Shaped Balls slot

Originally designed on the occasion of the 2007 Rugby World Cup, the Odd Shaped Balls slot’s still popular among the millions of rugby-playing online slot players – some of them probably not even from England, Australia and New Zealand. Thrill to some virtual rugby complete with bruisers, fanboys and streakers.
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Odd Shaped Balls - rugby themed online video slot game by OpenBet

Ready for the 2011 Rugby World Cup? Get warmed up with this game designed for the 2007 edition of one of the planet’s greatest international sporting exhibition. On 20 paylines, OpenBet software captures the thrills of the game while boasting a $100,000 payout on the reels.

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All aspects of that hooligans’ game played by gentlemen are in full force in the Odd-Shaped Balls slot: The supporters, the scrum, the throw-in, the breakaway sprint to the try – Clearly this is a must-play for rugby fans.

The top payout in reel play is on that kickoff symbol and five of these is good for 2000x the payline wager, or up to a $100,000 payout. (This one’s easily spotted; just looked for the chap who appears to have stolen Charles Barkley’s gluteus maximus.)

The wild symbol is represented by the fanboys, though shouldn't that really be the red-haired, well-endowed streaker? No matter: The lovely liberated lassie instead scored 15 free spins plus 2x stake for a threesome on the reels, 20 spins at 3x stake for four, and 25 spins plus 10x stake should you see five of these babes at once.

Get yer minds out of the gutter: The provocatively-titled online Odd Shaped Balls slot is actually about rugby. Join the crowds and the action in this still-popular slots game in the leadup to the 2011 Rugby World Cup.
Rugby-themed action aplenty available in OpenBet’s Odd-Shaped Balls slot