Roulette style cards can win big money with Odd One In table game

Players are either in or out in The Odd One In table poker game, a unique concept that anything goes when it comes to odd numbers. Come and try to be the winner just by playing the odds!
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What are the odds, try the Odd One In table game for incredible chances to win

Talk about a very odd game, the Odd One In table poker game is certainly an eye-catcher. Make a selection over a two card deal with bets that cover a wide range. Winning anything odd in your hand can increase the payout if players choose a spread that matches correctly.

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Taking the table games to a whole new level of odd! Even if players are not lucky with round numbers, the Odd One In table poker game might change player's minds. All that's needed here is to land an odd number to win anything over the bets placed. Chip selections start at 10 cents and higher per game. When betting is completed select the number of cards that will count up to all odd numbers. If players get an even number, the game is over and players lose their bet. Winning a round allows players to ride that winning on a new bet or start over with another betting amount.

Easily the odds to win are marked for each number selected. Any ace is counted as one and face cards are all worth ten. Numbered cards are counted as such. There are many selections players may choose which increase a winning game and in a way spreads bets further on the table. Even cards hold specific symbols such as ace, spades, clubs and hearts that can be wagered possible wins.

Just like roulette without all the spins of the wheel to make player's head spin. Be odd this time and take the high road to beat the odds!
No need to spin this wheel, the odds are with players to score an odd number!