NetEnt presents Oasis Poker Pro, a new way to play online poker

Oasis Poker Pro not only gives players the chance to play a new kind of poker game, but also lets them have far more of a say in what happens than other poker variants. In order to qualify, the dealer must have an Ace and King or a higher hand. The pay table is vast and complicated, but a Royal Flush pays the top prize, at 100:1.
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Oasis Poker Pro – A unique table game in an original arena

Oasis Poker Pro is yet another poker variant that Net Entertainment has recreated for their stunning table games range. Although working a little different than traditional poker games, with rules akin to video poker (a little bit), Oasis Poker Pro is a refreshing breath of air, in an otherwise overly produced genre of games.

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Players can choose chips that vary from 1.00 to 10.00 in value. Once they have placed their stakes, which must be between the minimum of 1.00 and a maximum of 40.00 per hand, they can begin playing this poker variant.

The wager must be placed in the Ante circle. Once this done, five cards are dealt to both the player and the dealer. The player must then decide whether to discard cards (at the cost of the Ante again, for each card discarded), or to fold. If they choose draw, the discarded cards are replaced. The must then assess his or her hand, and decide whether to call or fold. If they call and win, they’ll be paid out, if they call and lose, or fold, the game is over and they’ve lost their bet.

Although this is the standard version of Net Entertainment’s Oasis Poker Pro game, there are two other games in the series. These games are low-roller and high-roller versions, and aside from offering lower and higher stakes, the games are virtually identical to this one.
Net Entertainment has dug deep and come up with Oasis Poker Pro, a new way to play online poker; it's a great poker variant, plenty of fun, and with lots of choices...