Nelson’s Victory: Kinda like online keno, but with a naval battle

Mix one part keno, one part old-style video game and a dash of Battleship and what do you get? OpenBet’s online casino version of keno. Side with the British navy to run up winnings by hitting targets, or go with Germany if you’re feeling unlucky enough to match zero of your chosen numbers.
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Nelsons Victory casino game by Openbet for keno fan

Play to win or to lose in OpenBet software’s casino game Nelson’s Victory. If 18th-/19th-century naval leaders had played at online casinos, you can bet they’d brave this game of chance whole-heartedly. Choose your numbers or just go random and watch the cannons rage.

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Nelson’s Victory is essentially online keno – but with gunfire. And an intriguing second option which allows losers to win a high payout.

First choose a set of 12 favored numbers from the set of 1 to 100 or simply have the computer pick a dozen for you by hitting “random.” After the numbers have been selected, take one of two options: With “Play Nelson,” you’ll want the heroic British admiral to shoot down as many of the 12 as possible; three or more targets struck means a payout.

Alternatively if you choose “Play Bismarck” (some bad-guy German the programmers made up), you’ll hope these guys miss all the targets you’ve chosen for a many-multiple payout based on the wager. (On a £1 bet, the payout is £32, for example.)

Whoever thought that war could be this profitable? (Aside from certain governments, that is.) In the Nelson’s Victory online keno variation, either match as many numbers as you’ve chosen or choose to match none at all to win.
Nelson’s Victory (or Loss) could mean big payout at the online casino