Ned and the Rats 3D Slot with a Jazz Singing Group of Rats

Special features included in Ned and the Rats slot is a Singing Rats Free Spins Feature, a Rat Tail Click Me Game, and the Ratty Rat Doo-Wop Bonus Round where Ned’s rats give Ned’s girlfriend quite a fright and who try to sing her back to consciousness after she faints at this rat 3D slot spectacle.
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Ned's rats sing jazz to Ned on the Entertainment Center at night

Ned doesn’t have a problem with rats because his house is full of them and these rats sing jazz to Ned as he sits back in his easy chair. Ned is the highest paying out symbol and can make combination wins on any of 30 paylines and 5 reels. Ned and the Rats slot with jazz singing rats that keep Ned entertained all night long. Five jazz loving rats make up the other symbols on the reels along with Ned’s front door.

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Choose a coin value when playing Ned and the Rats for real money between $0.02 and $1.00. Bet on all 20 paylines to play for the highest prizes. In the Bonus Rat Round choose a rat soloist: Denny, Charles, Franklin, Sweet Pea, and Mack but pick a softly lullaby singing rat you don’t want to wake up Ned’s passed out girlfriend who passed out with fright for jazz singing rats.

The way to trigger the Singing Rats Free Spins Game is by spinning 3 or more Sweet Pea Rat symbols in any position on any reel. Ned’s rats will come out and sing while the reels spin to your delight. Earn extra free spins during the round by spinning more Sweet Pea Rat Symbols.

The Rat Tail Click Me Feature is triggered by 3 or more mouse holes in any position. Choose a rat tail sticking out of the mouse hole for an instant prize. Finally, spin 3 or more of Ned’s girlfriend symbols in any position on any reel to trigger the bonus round. Ned’s girlfriend will pass out and then select a soloist rat to sing her a tune and bring her back to life for extra casino cash.

It’s a 3D slot by Betsoft with Cookie chomping rats that like to play in Ned’s furniture and that sing jazz on the entertainment center. Ned’s girlfriend thought he was a really cool until she went over to his house and found out he lives with jazz singing rats.
If you give a mouse a cookie, he may want a glass of milk, but if you give Ned’s Rats run of the reels, they may just pay out a treat to you instead.