Navy: No images of Tom Cruise were harmed in the making of this slot

We’re sure images of the Village People singing “In the Navy” are sure to haunt you forever. It’s got plenty of action but not too many extras. Minus the 2 bonus games that are kind of cool, you can cash in some easy rewards from betting modestly.
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Navy video slot -- Online casino game by B3W with bonus rounds

All right admit it, ever since Top Gun you’ve had the Navy being one of your favorite military films of all time. Wait a second, isn’t the Navy the one with boats? Oh yea, besides that pun, this slot is paying 50,000 coins for those who can make it to the top slot champ here!

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It’s easy enough to fly a fighter jet right? Well if you think that then this game is even easier. First take a look at the 25 paylines then think to yourself, can you take playing them for as little as a couple cents per line? If you answered yes then go for the top position that this game is offering. There’s just one wild in this game too, it’s the Anchor! This does a couple of cool things since it’s your sub-symbol in the game is also shows up on the 2nd and 4th reel. When it does this it spreads across the whole reel making it wild!

You also have a radar symbol which starts the bonus game with 5 across the reels. In addition the flying missiles in certain combinations will start the second bonus round. The only thing that is missing from this game is the top gun theme but you can always play that on your mp3 headset.

Jump on in with both feet and get the Navy seal feel. There’s always the jackpot that can turn it around with 50,000 coins. In general it’s about a grand you can win. That’s not too bad at all!
Get that old feeling back from the Navy by swabbing the deck to remove any unwanted bird poop