Climb to the top of the cash pile with Mountain Climber

Mountain Climber is a video poker game with a twist. It is pretty cheap to play with the added perk that there is a bonus game included which could see you win up to 12,800 coins.
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Are you a good Mountain Climber? Prove your poker mettle to climb and win

Mountain Climber is an interesting and unique instant win game, although it is essentially a video poker title with a twist. The better hands in the game you get the further up the mountain you progress and this is where you could pick up additional bonuses and wins.

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The first thing that any player must do is to choose how much they wish to bet. Betting in this slot is really simple, with wagers ranging from 0.20 up to 10.00 per game. The amount you can win is based on the hand that you obtain.

Once you’ve placed your bet, your hand is dealt. You can hold any of your cards just like in video poker. After the switch (if you want one), the hand is compared against a pay-table. Any winnings you have will be paid out, and for every win you will progress a little up the mountain. Should you lose, you will be knocked back down the mountain. The basic idea is to win numerous hands in succession, to push you as far up the mountain as you can go. At the end, a massive bonus awaits you which range from 256.00 coins, up to 12,800.00 coins, depending on your stake.

To be honest, the game is so well designed it makes you wonder why anybody would ever play another video poker game again. This gives you the same video poker game you can get elsewhere, although the quirky and comical bonus features means that it offers you so much more.
A hilarious, generous video poker game with a bonus round