More Gold Diggin' slot with wild multipliers and wild dynamite

With the 5 reels of gold and other minerals, the slot itself seems to be a bit cluttered, but with 25 pay lines added to the mix, the player is offered up a kaleidoscope of colors. Cascading jewels and gems line the reels and a funny gopher sneaks off the reels with pieces of gold.
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Win up to 2,330,000 credits in More Gold Diggin' Cascading Slot

With the hokeyness of a 1920s black and white western, More Gold Diggin’ could use a bit more pizazz and less mellow banjo twang.  I was actually looking forward to playing this game as the graphics of two country bumpkins Jeb and Cletus chasing the goffer/chipmunk (not sure which) seemed to add some humor but as with any game, the devil is in the details.  With 25 pay lines and a manageable betting line of $.02-$.50 Cletus and Jeb should keep ones interest alive… least until the music gets too annoying.

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With explosions a main theme of this game, each explosion from 1-4 adds a larger return and rewards the player with a multiplier ranging from 1x to 15x in each game round.  Exploding three or more of a matching symbol combinations will cause the symbols to fall into place thereby increasing the multiplier.  If a new winning combination is created by these symbols, you will be paid out your winning and will be multiplied by the multiplier, and as so common with this game, allowing more symbols to explode which will offer more symbols to fall in place.  In other words, you can make more money!  Add to this the Wild Symbol of 3 sticks of dynamite, every spin can garner an explosion of returns with a Barrel of TNT offering free spins of up to a 15x multiplier.

The Double Up Mini Game seems to add a bit of creativity to this gaming experience.  This feature occurs when after any non-free mode spin is won, you are given the option to press to the Double Up button where you enter the Double Up screen.  Lovely Daisy will deal 5 cards while flipping the final card, which is called the Dealers Card.  The player selects one of the four remaining cards available and hopes that it is higher than the Dealers Card.   

As the game progressed and I delved in to the finer points of Daisy and her dealing, I became somewhat comfortable and satisfied with my experience. Many games struggle to come up with new ideas and themes while offering the same gift in a different wrapper, More Gold Diggin’ seems to squeeze out a winning formula with those who have an affinity for the country bumpkin experience.
If you are lucky enough to win, the player wins double their money and another opportunity to double again. Although you can only Double Up a maximum of 5x against lovely Daisy, this should provide ample opportunity to extend your winnings.