So you like weird games? Feast your eyes on Monte Cristo!

This single reel, single payline slot is less like a slot and more like an instant win game, but who are we to argue with Cryptologic? At its centre is a jackpot worth 952 coins, although be warned, it isn’t easy to win at all! This slot is ideal for all gamers bored with more conventional slot machine games, though, again, you have been warned!
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Monte Cristo casino game – Touted as a slot, but more like Breakout

Where do you begin with a game like Cryptologic’s Monte Cristo? The game is advertised as a slot, but it plays like no slot you have ever seen before. For a start, this game, which is based on the classic novel by Alexandre Dumas, contains no reels. In fact you might even say it is a 1 reel, 1 payline slot. Instead of reels, the player must try and break through wooden boxes and barriers to unlock prizes and escape. It is a weird one, but that is greatly appreciated, and something out of the ordinary will always entice new gamers along.

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This particular slot (if we can call it that), offers gameplay from as little as 0.02 per play, whilst at its most expensive, it will set you back exactly 500.00 a pop. Unfortunately, since you are not wagering on paylines, the coin values are the stake values here.

No wild symbols or scatter icons are present in this slot, but a bonus round is included, which sort of works a bit like a free spins game. The heart symbol in particular will trigger 3 free spins (bounces), although other free spin icons trigger the round too, and a Veteran’s Mask will trigger an additional free bounce. The bonus round is triggered by a bonus icon, and ends when a skull icon is found. In the bonus round, players can win free spins, bonus prizes and multipliers. Once you get past the initia difficulties of how this slot is played, everything becomes much clearer!

Paying symbols in this game include rings, gems, chests and coins, and of course, there are free spin icons and bonus icons a plenty to. Players are advised to keep an eye out for bomb symbols will trigger all kinds of mayhem, but do reward players with a fistful of superb prizes galore. A few slot players might be put off by the fact that this isn’t really a slot, but anybody with a bit of imagination and who craves a challenge might just find this particular slot, right up their alley after all.
Monte Cristo casino game: Breakout-style action with a $100,000 jackpot and superb graphics...