Don’t die from fright with these Monster Carlo fellas on your side.

Have a frightfully fun time making some extra treasures freshly dug-out from the vaults of Monster Carlo. They’ll scare the pants off the bank when you get the progressive payouts giving big rewards for the mummy-like money they are worth playing for. It’s scary even in the dark, so play with the lights on.
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Monster Carlo - online classic slots by OpenBet

Why not dig up a little dirty bunch for a change of heart. These rejects who were buried deep under the mass graves somewhere in Monster Carlo are reveved for some mighty monster spins that are sure to spart your interest in the living-dead kind of games that are heart-stopping wins.

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So easy that a ghoul can learn how to be a master of massive wins in this game. Set the stakes up to 3 times the amount and start spinning these weirdos up for some dead-beat wins. Match any 3 in a row for an instant win. If you don’t have a win, don’t get scared just yet, the next game offer the chance to dig-up another when you place another bet. Use the spin button to play single plays or you can use the autospin button to continue playing for as much credit as you’ve loaded up. There is also the progressive option when you match 3 skeletons on the spin. Your winnings will go into the bigger jackpot win so the percentage of what you play gets payed out when 3 other icons are matched in a payout. Be a real monster in this game that gives some shivers from the cold-hard cash payouts.

Take a deep breath and make the slots come alive with these creep characters rolling in the cold cash winnings. Wake the dead from the chances to win a real live one today!
Feel the chill of the cold hand of cash on your skin