Going to jail isn’t a bad thing in Monopoly On a Roll casino board game

From the authentic sounds of the game piece moving around the board to the roll of the dice, Monopoly On a Roll board game has the monopoly on Monopoly games online. 3 doubles launches a “Get out of Jail Free” Bonus, win 2x property awards when passing go, free parking rewards and roll doubles to go again!
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Monopoly on a Roll, a unique online casino game from WagerWorks

By far if you like Monopoly games online, this one will grab you with a virtual Monopoly man to throw the dice for you and a chance to bet with Monopoly money on various properties around the board just like in the old days. Bet a minimum amount of 1 to a max amount at 2800 for one roll at a time in this 20 line, 5 reel Monopoly slot machine by WagerWorks.

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These Monopoly streets are from London with a few other changes from the original, in this Monopoly game bet on where the token will land and win rather than pay with various multipliers. Blue properties still pay out the highest wins at 19 for 1, the red ones at 3.5 for 1, and the orange properties for 1.5 to 1. There is also a specific payout for each specific property you land on. With Mayfair being the highest at 40 for 1, simply click on the dollar amount you wish to place on a property. You may click on multiple denominations. The usual chance cards are a part of the fun and Electric Company and Water Works are still around but the railroads took a hiatus.

Play and bet on one roll at a time and play in turbo mode to advance your token immediately to the number rolled without moving across the board one step at a time. After one roll the round ends unless you roll doubles up to 3x and then the “Get out of Jail Free” bonus is triggered. Pass Go and all property wins are doubled. To continue on with your original bet just click rebet or else change your wager after each roll.

In the bonus round, get 3 chances to roll doubles and get out of jail for 250: get doubles on the 1st roll and receive a 5x multiplier, 3x for the 2nd roll and 2x for the 3rd.
The Monopoly man will smoke a pipe when you land on free parking and winning amount will be determined by original bet.