Fun game based on the popular Monopoly board game

This batty 5 reeled, 30 payline slot game is quite unlike anything you’ve ever played before. There are wilds, scatters, board bonuses, level plus bonuses, and players can work to increase their entrepreneur level to get more bonuses and awards. There are simply so many possible ways to win in this slot, and ways to play that is absolutely mind boggling.
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The Monopoly Plus slot game – A new and unique design to a slots gameplay,

Monopoly Plus does not conform to conventional slot machine gameplay. Instead this slot is of course based on the typical Monopoly board game. That isn’t to say that Monopoly isn’t a slot, because it is. Just that it is much unlike any other slot machine game you may have played before.

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The basic minimum stake in Monopoly Plus is fixed at 1.00 per line, per spin; the standard for the software developers. Bets can soar up to a maximum of 3.000 for the top wager in the game, though few people will be able to sprint for this.

This slot comes with a Level Up Plus program, which will see players gain 5.00 for triggering the bonus board, landing on a brown, light blue, purple or orange property, landing on the waterworks or electric company, passing or landing on go, or landing on the income tax, just visiting or super tax icons. A total of 10.00 is available for landing on a red or yellow property, 15.00 for landing on a green or dark blue property, and 5 for landing on properties per level they have achieved.

This slot machine game certainly isn’t for amateurs. Even somebody who has a decent enough grasp of the Monopoly board game would do well to read about how it works first. It is a must play though, and anybody seeking a thrill and a challenge will love this. However, all players are advised to play the free play version first, and even then read through the rules and check the pay table first.
An incredibly complicated slot, packed with features, a must play release but not for the easily confused!