Cascading symbols, game-themed bonus, Monopoly Dream Life

Ready for another Monopoly-themed slot? Of course you are, because these games are typically among the most fun, whether in a Las Vegas-style casino or playing from home. Monopoly Dream Life includes stacked wilds, cascading symbols and free spins – another strong entry into the board game’s line of slots.
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Monopoly Dream Life online video slot, stacked wilds, free spins

Since the days the game board franchise was introduced to Las Vegas slot machine game rooms, “Monopoly” has been synonymous with popular slots. Entering the range of such games at online casinos is Monopoly Dream Life, with the increasingly popular, Bejeweled-like cascading-symbols feature.

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Let’s get one thing straight right off the bat: The name of the enduring Monopoly-game mascot is Rich Uncle Pennybags, so unlike most online slot-centric websites, this one will refer to the fictional character by his correct name. (Hey, these things mean something to this content producer.)

Monopoly Dream Life is a 5-reel, 20-payline slot game starring Uncle Pennybags which includes lots of nice features for the serious online casino player. Herein are stacked wilds, cascading symbols and the “Dream Life” bonus round.

Gameplay goes a bit beyond the usual fare, as an extra symbol labeled BONUS is also on the reels; three of these trips the bonus round in similar fashion to the standard scatter.

Before the free spins begin, the player is treated to something of a “pick ‘em” round in true Monopoly fashion: Sixteen face-down property cards are offered to the player. The player may discard up to two of the cards immediately after drawing. Free spins are awarded based on the drawn hand, with more expensive properties worth more spins and like-colored properties increasing the total further. Up to 16 free spins may be won.

Game PR promises “more” wins from stacked wilds within the freely-spun games, but we cannot verify the veracity of such a claim.

Rich Uncle Pennybags is ready to sit with you at the online casino and perhaps pay out well – now what other capitalist worth his salt would be willing to dig deep like this, eh...?
uying up the properties at the online casino with the Monopoly Dream Life slot...