Once you get into The Mob 5-reel slot, you might never get out!

Put you money where your mouth is, and play the game at top stakes possible. Not everyone is going to gun for pushing 20 bucks a spin in the 5-reel slot all about The Mob. Of course you might do well to play what you like, jackpot and prize wins here are balanced on the overall amount wagered.
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The Mob slot game will have you gunning for the $10,000 jackpot

Here's one slot game you didn't expect to deliver the goods direct from The Mob! This 5-reel which shows you how living within the underworld can be pretty tricky. Now for top stakes offering 10 grand, you might be willing to do anything. The Mob slot is fearless when it comes to extorting all payouts!

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They say that once you're in, you never get out! At least that's what they say about being in The Mob 5-reel spins. If you get hooked here, there is certainly always a way to come back for more exciting play and pay. Starting with a superficial penny bet on each coin over 20 paylines, it's not bad payout for the return wins.

However when 1 dollar is played for each line (a 20 dollar spin overall) the stakes go right through the roof. A jackpot is won with 5 of the Mob Boss symbols on an active payline at the highest amount worth 10,000x the total stake placed.

A Wild logo is used for landing possible replacement wins which allows faster returns ultimately. Not everyone is going to be so loyal to The Mob slot, so they put in a bonus game where you have several chances to play the Russian roulette game for acquired cash prize winning. Pull the trigger and see how much you've won, in the end you may or may not keep the money. Good luck!

Get-in over your head and you might end-up dog meat in this mob scene. Play the game that sets the tone for all thugs worldwide. The Mob slot is ready to roll!
The Mob online slot game: In this bonus round your next move could be your last!