It’s Showtime! Time to play Miss Hi-Lo Club

A history board on the game also gives players insight into the last 50 number trends. After each correct guess either take half or take the full win before playing again or continue to gamble and raise the stakes.
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Miss Hi-Lo Club

Miss Hi – Lo Club is a classic, showgirl casino performance for players in search of instant online wins. Play on the stage of this Hi Lo card with a stylish flare and design where numbers are the name of the show.

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Bet on the next number, whether higher or lower to win up to 1,000,000 coins. Numbers range from 1-49. If you pick the lowest number 1 or the highest number 49, get lucky and win that round.

Make an initial minimum bet of 1.00 to as high as 100.00 for each round. Play in manual or in turbo mode. The lower the odds of the next number being higher or lower determine the payout and will be listed on the stage.
Miss Hi-Lo Club is a classic showgirl instant win hi lo game online.