There's never a dry-spell when it's time to Milk the Cash Cow

Come and get it while it's flowing free in this classy slot designed to make more puns about milking cows even more simple. There's loads of wilds to score with the cash cow coming home but keep your eyes peeled for the cash cow symbol since it unloads even more payouts than ever before!
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Milk the Cash Cow - online fruit machine by Rival included wilds

Did you ever feel that even the daily chores can be more satisfying when the cash cow needs some milking. That has to be some real rich cream on the top of this mountain of cash. Don't worry, this game won't be an udder disaster for long, theres no bull about it!

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No need to worry about making this cow come-clean when it's time for milking the money. Shake that money-maker until you get the last cent since this is the slot that is boasting a gigantic 150K jackpot. With plays starting at just a cent this might be the easiest hand job you'll pull while making some cream of the crop wins! There are so many wild symbols in this game you might not have a chance to see a normal symbol roll on these reels but the cash cow is the real deal here! With the cow icon you can expect a few symbols getting replaced here and there with multipliers making them worth the big bucks. Though this cow eats money it has loads busting-out lots of wins in return so it's a matter of squeezing these teets just right. Your time to unload the big cash flow has come just in time so don't forget to bring a  loose sack for your bucket-load of winnings.

Whip up some heavy cream in this squirting slot, full of wins worth more than the average milk-money. It's so big it'll make your morning coffee taste even richer with the cash-flow of this cash cow.
If you like Moo-La then you'll love this cash creamer!