Get your island treasures, smell-out the spot in Metal Detector.

This game is not only fun to play but offers a great jackpot of 10 grand. Theres loads of spin potentials and extras. Really simple to follow and doesn't need to much to play. Starting a just 5 cents per spin this is well-worth the added pleasure of making the plays last!
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Metal Detector - online video slot machine with free spins by Rival

Some people can simply smell the money in your pocket. While others know how to smell for the precious metals such as gold and silver. Here's one game that is surely a crowd-stopper for slot games and is also fun spinning action worth a total jackpot of 10 grand -easy!

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Oh yea, 15 playlines don't seem like much, but in the slot world this is going to be easy picking. Just as this specialist can smell metal with his super-sensitive nose you have just as many chances to make the combinations more complete with better grabs at the gilded-goods that are floating on the 5 reels.There are only the scatter symbols which include the Magnum P.I. looking guy who can smell metal and the Treasure map. These will gain you free spins and extra multipliers. Theres a bonus game that is a treaure map where you can pick a number of special X-marks-the-spot icons that are worth bonuses in the very end. If you like the fancy looking graphics and excellent sound of the ocean in the background as if you were on an island somewhere, then this has to be your game! And also the Magnum P.I. Guy is pretty cool too.

How much can you stand the excitement of smelling for treasure in a slot game full of riches, It will make you smile with plenty of relplays and free spins.
Sniff-out the biggest winning jackpot yet in this winner slot.