Sunken treasure worth 10,000x in Mermaid Serenade online slot

Beware of the call of this illusive mermaid when playing the Mermaid Serenade slot game. Across any of the paylines are a number of jackpot wins that can be won simply by making a wager over them. Up to 5 coins per line make any top win worth the bigger catch. Happy fishing!
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Under the sea spins with five jackpots available to win

One 3-reel you won't have to play with that 'Under the Sea' song stuck in your head. Ahem, too late. Well just in case you do, this slot provides up to 5 jackpots on every payline starting at 1000 coins up to 10,000 coins! That's a little jingle worth singing the Mermaid Serenade slot song for.

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We'll have to confess that Sushi is not on the top order of the day when it comes to serving the freshest wins available in this 3-reel game. Mermaid Serenade slot comes equipped with 5 paylines with 1-5 coins that can be stacked-up on each line itself. Not the typical 3-reel wagers, then again it's time to go fishing for the bigger catch.

This particular mermaid shown here is wild so any single image can provide substitute wins when one or two are landed on a payline match.
To increase the potential for wins you can stake the penny amount higher up to a whole dollar per coin if you want to be a real treasure hunter in this slot.

Replacing the bars are some form of jellyfish (also known as the Portuguese man o' war), and their sting is one that give coin wins. Even with mixed combos landed too! The Mermaid can win on any of the paylines, provided you have staked-out all 5 of them.

Don't let this slippery siren swim-away. Have the right amount of payline stakes that can help catch her easier. Any single symbol also makes great substitutes for any matched sub win.
Wacky, watery, and way cool to play all day. What a serenade!