Mega Bingo quite possibly the largest jackpot in the game

The first thing that needs to be cleared up is that the one million coin jackpot is only available for gamers using the max wager. The lowest wager still offers a 10,000 coin jackpot. However, this is a 90 ball bingo game, and with players only have one ticket, the chances of them coming across the winning ticket is remote, in fact, it is far less than remote, it might as well be impossible. How does that affect the game? A jackpot that you have virtually no chance of winning isn’t very appealing.
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The Mega Bingo Keno – One million coins, one ticket, one shot at bingo fame

This game is the Amaya Group’s take on the instant win bingo game genre. This is online bingo gaming at its most basic, and to be honest, even a beginner would have a hard time falling in love with the great gambling game with this release. It is far too simple, is over far too fast, and to be honest, is far too difficult. It does have a massive jackpot though, which is always nice!

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Players of Mega Bingo Keno, must first click on the +/- arrow buttons to raise or lower the stake. The minimum stake in this bingo game is 0.20 per game. At the higher end of the table, players could be paying up to 20.00 a pop.

For their hard earned money, players will get one ticket to the bingo game. One ticket (or card if you prefer) is all you are going to get though, which doesn’t exactly encourage you in your chances of winning. With your one bingo card, on the maximum wager, there is a total jackpot of 1,000,000 coins to win. Yes a million, which is rather a lot. But with only one bingo card, the odds aren’t great.

Mega Bingo Keno would, and could be so much better if they would only have offered the player more chances to win via more tickets. Of course then the jackpot would have been dropped too, so the gamer really has a difficult choice here; a simple and quite frankly boring game, with little hope of winning a massive amount of money, or to choose something else with a small jackpot, more enjoyable gameplay and a multitude of tickets?
90 ball bingo, one card only, 1,000,000 coin jackpot