Hypnotic, stylistically different play in Medusa’s Gaze slot/arcade game

Now this game’s a trip, beginning with its odd look with the head of Medusa sticking up through a round gambling table. Then there’s the genre-melding setup of equal parts online slot and arcade-style game; match colors across 12 “paylines” to win.
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Medusa’s Gaze combo slot/arcade game – Wager 20¢ to $500 per turn

Medusa’s Gaze, based on the oft-interpreted Greek myth of the serpent-haired Gorgon who turned unwary warriors into stone with just a glance, is a 12-“payline” “slot” game that if nothing else is certainly a new take (nary unto completely different) on traditional casino amusements.

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The virtual game table is a round affair with Medusa’s head poking out the middle – yes, that’s right and it’s about as bizarre as you’d expect. The wheel stops when the Gorgon looks at it, with simple color patterns making up the “symbols” on the “reels.”

The “paylines” themselves are comprised of the eight vertical rows emanating from Medusa’s center circle and the four horizontal rows running across the gameboard; three matching adjacent symbol on these lines makes a win.

Any winning symbols are turned into virtual stone, with that cascading feature kicking in thereafter, i.e. the stoned symbols will disappear, the remaining symbols slide downward, new colors fill in the blanks, and the winning process (hopefully) repeats. With each consecutive cascading win, the bonus multiplier on wins increases by 1x.

Medusa’s Gaze doesn’t allow betting per payline per se, instead offering a crazy betting range of 20¢ to $500 per turn.

As hypnotic as the glowing color patterns can become in the Medusa’s Gaze online slot/arcade game, even more catchy is that background music. Has the snake-haired one actually got the sirens working for her as well...?
Going gaga for the Gorgon at the online casino in unique slot/casino game Medusa’s Gaze...