Medusa turning things to stone with her Eyes of Fire

Players of the Medusa Eyes of Fire online keno game who land the big jackpot can win upwards of 50,000 on the max wager, in an instant win keno games that features 80+1 numbers and 21 picks.
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Medusa Eyes of Fire: A big money keno game starring the gods

A wonderfully original and 3D graphics-filled instant win game, Yggdrasil’s Medusa Eyes of Fire gambling game is actually not that dissimilar from keno, and is played out across a board of 80 numbers. When gameplay begins, Medusa will fix her stare down onto the game board. If a players numbers are chosen, they will the amount specified in the paytable above the board, depending on how many numbers are selected.

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This instant win game follows the same format as Yggdrasil’s Beaming Canines title. The player can choose their wager by clicking on the “bet” button at the bottom of the screen, and placing a bet worth anything from a low of 0.20 up to a cap of 50.00 per game. The player must also choose whether they wish to play with 4, 8 or 12 picks, and whether to pick the numbers themselves or let them be assigned randomly.

Once the play button has been clicked, Medusa will begin turning numbers to stone with her purple gaze. The player can match any amount of numbers from 1 to 12 in total. The more numbers the player has picked, the greater chance they have of success. However, they will require more numbers to win in this case. As an example, if the player only has four numbers picked, and lands all four, they will win the maximum amount possible for their stake. If they choose to wager twelve picks though, they will win nothing if they match 4 numbers, as 5 matched numbers is the minimum accepted number of matches for a pay-out.

Why 80+1 numbers? The truth is that the “1” is a remarkable feature. It is the central icon, and if Medusa’s gaze should fall on it, you will earn between 3 and 10 extra gazes (numbers called). If one of those extra gazes hits the icon again, you will pick up a bonus win top of your regular winnings, which isn’t a bad deal at all!
A devilishly delightful, Gorgon-themed Medusa keno game, with fair stakes and a better jackpot