Get ready for 2012 with a little Mayan Bingo online

Looking for something to do before a mysterious twin planet wreaks havoc with civilization on Earth as we know it? Play Mayan Bingo game to divert your attention from apocalyptic disaster. A surprisingly addictive four-card bingo derivation that will have you seeking fortune from Mesoamerican gods in no time.
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The Mayan calendar has proven false about the Apocalypse

Popular lore has it that the Mayans have set 2012 as the year in which the world as we know it will end and the famous Mayan calendar will flip no more pages – just enough time to play the amazingly compelling Mayan Bingo online game, then!

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No, we have no idea what the connection between the ancient Mayan civilization and the early 20th-century game bingo is, but we’ll roll with it.

In Mayan Bingo, the player may play up to four 15-square bingo cards at once. None of the numbers repeat within the cards, and between 10¢ and $2 may be wagered per card. After placing the bet, 30 bingo balls are virtually drawn faster than you can say “Hunahpu.”

Payouts are determined by various patterns covered on the cards: Win anywhere from 50x the single-card stake for a simple horizontal line combination up to a huge 50,000x stake for blacking out a card with just the first 28 balls drawn.

After the 30 balls are drawn, the player is also given an option to buy an extra ball if he/she is one square away from a winning combination on any of his/her cards – fiscal caution is advised, however, as the price of each extra ball increases, with a set limit on free balls at 10.

For an interesting take on online bingo games, try Mayan Bingo with its lightning-quick action, pyramid motif and a huge payout of $100,000 possible in a single round of play.
How do you say “bingo” in K'iche, anyway…?