Max Damage: 80s arcade-game style comes to online casinos

Hardcore video gamers of the 80s and 90s will need no introduction to the actual gameplay in the casino arcade game Max Attack and the Alien Invasion. The mission is essentially to shoot down all alien ships. To maneuver Max’s ship, use left and right arrows; use the spacebar to to fire the ship’s weapons.
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Max Damage casino arcade game – 1980s-style coin-op gaming

Ready for the next big thing in online casino gaming? It could very well be spearheaded by Max Damage and the Alien Attack, Microgaming’s magnificent throwback to 1980 video arcade gaming. Children of the 80s will of course need no introduction to how ol’ Max Damage rolls, so for those not so familiar with the subtleties of coin-op game play, here’s how it works: Shoot everything that comes at you to win coins.

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The actual wagering in Max Attack seems a little counterintuitive at first, but stick with us here. Destroying an enemy ship *costs* 20 coins – one supposes this is the equivalent of a losing spin in an online slot – but most reveal a number representing a certain number of coins won. Quite a few hits clock in at 20 or more, so a proper player can last quite some time at dead-even or even in the bankroll before the big wins come in. The ship may be augmented by collecting symbols marked with words like “life,” “health” and “shield.”

Said big wins in Max Damage come into play a couple of ways: Collecting one of the special symbols (or “freebies”) wins up to 40,000 coins. Motherships (the game refers to them as “Bosses” but arcade-game freaks know better) appearing after levels 3, 6 and 9 can be worth up to a massive 110,000 coins.

As far as strategy, some good ol’ tenets of coin-up games still apply in Max Damage: The golden rule is to avoid getting trapped in one corner; stay away! Second, reconsider the use of auto-fire: While the auto-fire is pretty damn fast in this game and works well in early rounds, you’ll want more control as the game proceeds. Thirdly, take your time with the multiple-hit baddies – this game isn’t timed!

Good luck and may you never see the words “Game over.”

Thirty years in the making, the old video arcade games of the 1980s return in online casino format: Max Damage and the Alien Attack defies the conventional boundaries of casino gaming by offering classic Galaga-like style with 21st-century software and the possibility to turn your old hand-eye coordinated skills into coins.
Max Damage – whoa, man, it’s an 80s flashback at the online casino...