Stick with Master Snookers to win up 1000 coins or more

You’ll have to love the imagination used here since these top-pros of snooker give their approval to be in the game. Excellent chances to make up to 3 different jackpots offered and the bonus round will have you reaching bigger payouts along the path to being a snooker slot pro yourself.
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Masters Snooker Cashdrop -- Cascading slot game online

Pool sharks might have to sit back and take a rest when this slot makes a real attempt at being the real shark here. With a top payout of 1000 coins the odds are you can easily make something happen easier than just the color of money. Masters Snooker is the real deal here!

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One great thing about Master Snookers is that even though it’s not a progressive slot, this one offers 3 different pots you can win. Each one gives something different but still for this kind of themed slots you’ll bet it will be a big payout when it hits. With 20 paylines you’ll need to cover as many as you can to match the best hits as you can. There’s a Jackpot scatter which usually comes around more often than no -t- And yes, there is a bonus round included!

With no boring extras like scatters or wilds you are free to play as you would any normal slot but this one is surely a hit when you get the line multiplier. The animations are top-notch as well as the graphics included. Even the feel of the game will make you getting ready to chalk-up your cue stick and shoot for the top payout!

What better way to be in the game without having to be under some spotlight. Take all the wins you have and make them to the winners circle. There’s no telling who will walk away being the Master Snooker champ here.
Never mind the chalky jokes, this game plays like the real deal of slots