The Marvel Roulette heroes are ready to spin the wheel, are you?

Marvel Roulette is a brand new type of roulette game from Playtech. Featuring all your favorite Marvel superheroes, this is a European Roulette style game which contains all the most common rules for roulette, and therefore features no La Partage rules.
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The Marvel Roulette game by Playtech with a Marvel Bonus

Now there is definitely something to Playtech’s Marvel Roulette even if we just can’t quite figure out what makes this roulette game so entertaining! What should be mentioned is that what you have here is a typical roulette game which adopts the European Roulette rules system. The game offers standard roulette gameplay with all the typical bets worked into its design. In effect, it is a run-of-the-mill online roulette game, with a little something extra for you!

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Marvel Roulette will allow players to choose bets that range from a floor of only 0.10 per spin. However, roulette is often played for big stakes and this particular title can be too with the ceiling bet rising to a staggering sum fixed at 1,000.00 per spin of the roulette wheel.

Of course in roulette you’d expect no bonus features but in this there is a progressive jackpot bonus round, and we’ll come to that. However, players can play Marvel Roulette for free wherever they encounter it, and if you are a tad rusty on your types of roulette bets, this makes for an impressive opportunity.

The speed cannot be adjusted in this roulette game, there are no multi-player features, and there is no auto-play feature to allow for consecutive spins of the roulette wheel. As a general rule, pick your bet, and wait to see where the ball lands. If it lands on an appropriate slot, then you will win, if not, you won’t. It really is as simple as the dropping of a ball.

As for those bonus features, there is a type of bet that involves wagering on the Marvel Bonus position. If the ball lands there then a 3 reel slot machine game bonus round is triggered. Payouts of 4:1 up to 99:1 can be won in this bonus round. A Marvel Mystery jackpot can be won too with four Marvel progressive jackpots that appear in all Marvel slots.
A Marvel themed European roulette game, with a 3 reel progressive slot bonus round!