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Marbles offer the players a 3 in 6 picks winning strategy, and there are 8 marbles to choose from, and a randomly assigned potential win figure. It’s not very well thought-out, but you do have a reasonable chance of success.
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Marbles: One of the most elementary instant win games yet devised

Marbles is a predominantly basic lottery-based game to play. Like most other lottery themed games Marbles is more closely themed to an online scratch card than any other type of instant win game. The setup is basic, and the look and feel is somewhat empty, although if you aren’t in the mood for a lengthy or risky gambling game, then Marbles is probably the answer.

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Wagering isn’t exactly the most difficult thing in the world to do, when playing Marbles. The reason for this is because the wager is fixed. Players must pay a set fee of 2.00 per game, in order to play Marbles. This cannot be adjusted, rather unfortunately I might add.

Once the price of the game has been paid, the player clicks on the buy game button. There are three golden marbles hidden amongst the eight marbles on the screen. The player must select three of them within the first six picks in order to win. First, click on the potential win button to see what is at stake.  If you match up three or more marbles, you will win the amount stipulated in the box.

The player can click on the wand to choose another colour if they wish. This feature does absolutely nothing at all, other than change the colour of the wand. It’s hardly thrilling stuff. The fact that the game uses a randomly attributed potential winning figure is not pleasant, and the game is best described as boring and unentertaining.
Marbles instant-win online casino game: A woefully tiring release, lacking in graphics, wonder and excitement...