Shoot for the moon in the Magnificent 7s slot: 3 jackpots available

We can only imagine that Clint Eastwood would have been great in the film version, although the Magnificent 7s classic slot pulls enough star power with any 3 of its jackpots provided. Up to 3 coins playable are offered among the variety of low-wager coin denominations.
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Magnificent 7s classic slot: "I admire your notion of fair odds..."

What makes playing the stakes that can make this classic slot so magnificent? With a name like the Magnificent 7's 3-reel slot, you can't go wrong. There's 3 jackpots that can be won here with a different amount for each of them. Top winners walk away with 6000x the stake wagered!

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How to get more from your 3-reel spins, than to add such big faces like Clint Eastwood. If you remember the Magnificent Seven film, he wasn't even in it! Neither was that Doc Holiday looking fellow. Oh well, at least they got one thing right, the Magnificent 7's slot features 3 jackpots with a bevy of wager amounts that can increase any prospective wins. The wager stakes begin from one penny up through a dollar per coin. A total of three coins can be placed on this 3 line slot, to have the highest payout paid.
There is one Wild in this game and it's the only 7 shown. It will substitute for others and also serve as the jackpot symbol when three land across any of the 3 lines it may form. While the 1st jackpot is worth 1500 coins, the second is doubled at 3000 coins. The 3rd jackpot is worth a total of 6000 coins on whatever stake you place. 

Have great western spins around this gravy-train gulch of potential wins. The Wild Seven in this slot game makes all subs for better matched combinations.
Magnificent 7s classic slot online: The good, the bad, and the lucky all come to play here...