Find the mystic spells used to capture the Magic Forest wins

Most people just wouldn't know what to think if they happen upon a magical tree like this in the Magic Forest slots. One thing is for sure, those Magic Mushrooms aren't afraid to be eaten. Come get trippy on the reels of Magic Forest for spellbound wins each time you play.
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Magic Mushroom boogie spins in the Magic Forest 5-reel slot

It always makes you wonder what else can be lurking in the woods when you see a game like Magic Forest. A place that is so magic that the winning jackpot is worth a mystifying 2000 coins over your win line stake. Open this door to imagination and charmed prize winnings today!

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Magic fairy tale mushrooms with faces on them, this must be the Magic Forest alright! In your trip into this magic environment the best thing to bring with you is certainly not breadcrumbs! Stakes placed on the paylines are an absolute must. Since there are only 5 of them, you better get to it right-quick! Granted each payline can play from cents per amount or even higher, depending how you feel raising the stakes a notch or two. There are no special icons here that do anything extra special, its' already enchanted!

When 3 or more symbols unite on a payline, they pay out a reward for the completed match. No matter what coin level you play the icons reflect better pay for each collected. As you can see there is a storybook which is the top symbol that pays the jackpot amount of 2000x the stake. Luckily this book is pretty frequent so making the max payline stake is better to catch any of their paths.

Time to find your forest friends and potential wins on this magic carpet ride slot. Change the music in the background for some trip-hop electro drum and bass instead.
Where's the rest of that horse in the background of the Magic Forest online slot...?