Join the party with Mad Hatters online slot

Reasons for attending the Mad Hatters tea party include more than tea, coffee and cake: Microgaming’s new slot serves up to 13,500 coins in a free spins bonus feature as well.
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Mad hatters

In serving up to 13500 coins in a free spins bonus feature, Microgaming’s online slot Mad Hatters equates ultimately to cash winnings that will sweeten more on the table than just tea. The graphics are clean and creative and at this event, players will find that they are amongst a most zany cast of mad hatters. Since cuckoo clocks and mad hatters go together, of course, don’t be surprised if the sounds of winding clocks and cuckoo birds springing forth doesn’t drive you up the wall fast.

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Still, with three cuckoo birds, slot players are given the chance to pick one out of three birds for a coin prize to retain some semblance of their sanity, even better, spin enough cuckoo clocks and choose from up to three birds in a row for huge free coin figures.

The colors are exasperatingly bright and trying to the eyes but if players can look past that plus the annoying chirps and tweets of this slot, then it may be worth a player’s time. The mad hatter top hat opens up the middle reel as a wild to all symbols except for the wacky cuckoo clocks and the rabbits in hats. In Microgaming’s Mad Hatters, slots players get to choose an additional wild symbol in another free spins feature that is set off by three to five of the rabbits-in-hat icons. Of those wild symbols, players can choose from one of three different mad hatter characters. Pick the craziest most represented kook on the reels to rake in the most winning line combinations.

However, just when you thought the sound effects couldn’t get more aggravating, just wait until the rabbit in the hat free spins feature is triggered to be spun through the theme song of Psycho in cartoon speed. Play at any of the best online casinos for slots now.

All in all, if slots players add up the bucket loads of free spins in Microgaming’s crazy giveaway slot Mad Hatters, it may be worth the headache the visual and audio bring.