In new take on roulette, Lucky Wheel comes to jumble your senses

Lucky Wheel permits players to wager cheaply, and try something that closely resembles roulette, but that actually isn’t roulette. The player can’t win vast sums of money on this simple instant win game, but they might actually prefer it to roulette, as their chances of success are somewhat greater.
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Lucky Wheel casino game– If you like roulette, you’ll love this

Now the bizarre nature of this instant win game really is baffling. What you essentially have here is a roulette style game, although it certainly couldn’t be considered to be roulette. Players who attempt to play Lucky Wheel will instantly notice that there are a few subtle differences, which make Lucky Wheel something of an oddity, actually.

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Wagers are simple enough place in Lucky Wheel. The player can choose from chips worth 1.00, 5.00, 10.00, 25.00 or 100.00 in value. Once they have made their stake, it is time to place their bet.

Players must move over to the Lucky Wheel to place their bet. They can wager on the numbers 1-32, groups of numbers (1-7, 8-16, 17-20, 21-26, and 27-32), colours (green, yellow, pink, blue) or high and low, odds and evens. Once the bet has been placed on the appropriate part of the wheel, the player can click the spin button to begin. If the pointer lands on a required spot (either number, colour, high, low, odd, even or group of numbers), the player wins. If not, they lose.

It should probably be noted that the player has a better chance of winning in this game. This is partly due to the absence of any zeroes (0 or 00), like you would commonly find on a roulette wheel. It is also partly due to the colour bets. Because some span nearly half the wheel, you’ve got great chances of success, albeit with smaller payouts.
Lucky Wheel online casino game: A nice take on roulette that looks complicated but is actually dead simple...