Lucky Star, a unique take on roulette-style casino games

Now here’s an interesting twist on online games of chance: the Lucky Star “wheel” game by OpenBet. Pick numbers, colors, odds or even if you choose and then watch the path around and through the virtual star alight.
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Lucky Star - Asian themed online wheel game by OpenBet

An ideal game of chance for fans of Asian-themed games, lovers of roulette-style play and perhaps the online casino-going Satanists, Lucky Star has a board in the form of a five-pointed star replete with pentagram at center. Place your bets and spin the, um, star!

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Lucky Star is a roulette-style game in which the wheel isn’t so much a wheel and a five-pointed star and the ball isn’t so much a ball as a lighted cursor.

In the Lucky Star casino game, the player places various bets on the outcome of the turn (spin? play? ball?) including on individual numbers 1-8 themselves; whether odd or even, high or low; red, green or blue as the color of the winning number; and in which of the five segments of the board the winner appears.

Simply wager as you like and hit the big “Bet” button to start play and unleash the tinkly tones of Lucky Star. May fortune smile upon you. 

If you’re looking for a twist (literally) on online roulette games, check out Lucky Star at any OpenBet-powered internet casino. Which is your lucky number between 1 and 8? (And another question: Is this really a Chinese game?)
You bet your Lucky Star this is an online roulette-style game