Your lucky day has just come: Win 3000 coins in Lucky Clover slot

Thinking green is all about the environment. Just think if old-duffy Al Gore had his way, those cheaply made Chinese shoes you like to buy would be more expensive! Play it by the book with the Lucky Clover slot. The result could only result with helping the economic slump recover quicker!
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Lucky Clover online slot game -- With progressive jackpot bonus

This 3-reel slot has nothing to do with the luck of the Irish whatsoever! However the Lucky Clover slot does have something in-common with those little green clovers. Just like weeds, dig them up and they still come back. Luckily here you can win more than 3000 coins or more when hitting this jackpot win!

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Green has so many meanings when you take a close look at it. It can be someone who is jealous, or someone who is feeling sick. More traditionally, green is a sigh of luck which would make anyone sick with envy if they happen to win before you might have the chance. Lucky Clover 3-reel can help change that.

While playing you can still manage to win this jackpot with a couple coins selected. When all five coins are wagered this opens the potential to win the progressive jackpot which pays way more than the 3000 coin amount!

The Lucky Clover slot also features the Wild symbol which among anything else, is the Clover in this game. It will sub for others in a winning combination , while just 1 to two in the reels multiply the wins by the power of 2x respectively. It is the Clover and Diamond symbols that make the jackpot award become a reality. Land any 3 of these on any active payline and the prize pot is yours!

One of the few 3-reel games that makes everyone have a reason to celebrate something green. When it comes to money wins, Lucky Clover slot is your path to greener rewards.
This is one mean, green, winning machine. Lucky Clover is your 3-reel slot!