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Low-Roller Single Deck Blackjack is a cheap to play, low stakes online blackjack game. The rules are standard for blackjack, with blackjack itself paying out 3 to 2. Normal wins cough up 1 to 1 wins, whilst Insurance pays 2 to 1. The dealer must always hit on a soft 17 in this blackjack game.
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Low-Roller Single Deck Blackjack – Small-stakes, easy-play 21

Low-Roller Singe Deck Blackjack is a nicely affordable online blackjack game which uses only a single deck of cards. Typically, this blackjack game is affordable for all players, and is played out just like any typical blackjack game, against a green table backdrop and with chips and cards, and the 21 objective.

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Anybody interested in playing Low-Roller Single Deck Blackjack will need to place their stakes first. Gamers can choose from coins worth 1.00, 5.00 and 10.00 in value. With these chips, players can place floor and ceiling bets of 1.00, and 40.00 per hand, respectively.

The main objective in blackjack is always to make 21. The face cards count as 10s, whilst the Ace doubles as a one or eleven (depending on what the player needs). They must get as close to the target as possible, beating the dealers hand, without going bust (over 21). If they do, the game is over and they lose.

Although it’s not as cheap as other blackjack games out there, Low-Roller Single Deck Blackjack won’t set you back too much to play. If you find it too cheap for your liking, you can always try the High-Roller Single Deck Blackjack game from Net Entertainment. The wagers in that go through the roof!
Low-cost blackjack game featuring standard rules and a single deck...