You could win a possible 50,000x your stake in Low-Roller Oasis Poker.

At just 10 cents per hand and any discards you may choose (which still cost a very low fee) this game certainly packs in the tense Poker plays that make the game so tasty.
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Heat this table with the Low-Roller Oasis Poker heat wave!

Just like the old song says, You gotta know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em. We're sure Kenny Rogers is playing this version somewhere right now. With Low-Roller Oasis Poker you can play for hands at just 10 cents and still have a chance to win up to 50,000 bucks for a winning hand!

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All right then, if you have the right poker face you can do it on a very strict budget in this version of Low-Roller Oasis Poker from NetEnt. It's allowing you to lay down 10 cents up to a whole $1 for that big-time chance to win the maximum payout of 50,000 coins over your stake.

Poker is all about the ultimate showdown. It all starts with your Ante and this is where the fun begins. The game rules included help you make a better game although it's simple to follow since you are merely making a strong enough hand against the dealer.
All 5 cards that are dealt to you are face up which only leaves you wondering what the dealer has under their cards. The dealer will always just have 1 card face-up. You can discard specific cards, but for an additional fee which is based on the cost of your Ante. After that it's all about making the right call if you feel you have a strong enough hand. The dealer will qualifies for a win with an Ace and a King so this is where you just have to have that 'gut' feeling. Heck, for a games that played for as low as a dollar per hand, go nuts!

This is no mirage in the desert, this is Low-Roller Oasis Poker from NetEnt. Plays for under a buck and still have a shot at massive wins. Who wouldn't want to take the chance?
If you happen to be a beginner at Poker, this is the perfect way to start with your low-roller bets...