Hi-Lo Switch table game online – The simple way to gamble

Few online card games come any easier than Net Entertainment’s Hi-Lo Switch Pro Series game. This table game offers three sets of cards that players can guess whether the next card will be higher or lower than, with decent fixed odd payouts present in the game too.
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Hi-Lo Switch table game– Classic hi-lo gets transformed with Net Ent’s table game

Net Entertainment’s Hi-Lo Switch Pro Series is a Hi-Lo table game which features decent enough graphics, and a variant of standard Hi-Lo gameplay.  Like most hi-lo games, the player gets to wager on a series of cards, with King being high and Ace being low. The payouts are phenomenal, but they are worth the time if you like Hi-Lo games.

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Hi-Lo Switch will permit players to wager from a series of chips worth 0.10, 0.50 and 1.00 in value. The minimum wager that a player can place is 0.10 per hand, whilst the maximum wager is fixed at 5.00 per hand.

Once the bet has been made, the player is greeted with three cards. They can then choose to wager whether the next card will be higher or lower than the existing card, on any of the three decks. If they are incorrect, they will lose their bet. If they win, they can opt to either keep playing, or to collect their winnings. Each of the cards that you can wager on has predetermined fixed odds from the dealer, so you can see exactly what you could win, before you wager. Few games can be simpler to grasp than Hi-Lo Switch Pro Series.

Low-Roller Hi-Lo Switch is only one variant of Net Entertainment’s HI-Lo Switch series. Players who wish to wager more can also play standard or high roller versions of this game too.
Classic Hi-Lo Switch play, fixed odds on each hand win...