You'll love the Low-Roller Blackjack from NetEnt with super-low wagers.

Like you game of Blackjack to be cheaper than ever? Try a hand at just 10 cents per hand. Up to 5 bucks if you still want o feel like a hi-roller. Even though this game is Low-Roller Blackjack, the whole idea is perfect for the pocketbook folks who like to play with very low amounts.
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All Blackjacks win 3 to 2 in Low-Roller Blackjack!

Every blackjack game is usually about winning the big hands however when it comes to wagers, this Low-roller Blackjack version is a real breath of fresh air. With just 10 cents up to a whole 5 bucks. This might just be the best little game of Blackjack you've gotten to play in a long time!

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Real card sharks know all there is about Blackjack. So who doesn't? Well if you're one of the last to know this version is played with 4 standard decks of 52 playing cards (with jokers included). Your hand is simple, try to reach the number 21 without going over. 10's and suit faces count as the same, whereas an Ace can be counted as 1 or 11. Playing odds pay-out as such. A Blackjack pays 3 to 2, Insurance 2 to 1, and a win is 1 to 1. (this is when you get cards numbering up to 21 for a win), a Blackjack is only when the cards are a King, Queen, Jack, or a 10 matched with an Ace card.
If you happen to play with the Double Jack game the pay is different. Double Jacks both bearing the Spade pays 100 to 1, a pair of jacks 25 to 1, a single Jack as the first card 10 to 1. The Double Jack game is considered a side bet that is played. Splitting is allowed just once in this game and Insurance can be taken when the dealer has drawn an ace. This allows the player to keep some of their money even if they lose their bet according to the final count. You can even double-up after viewing the first two cards if you feel you have a strong hand.

All the classic rules of the Blackjack game. Splits, insurance, double-ups, and even Double Jack if you like upping the odds a bit for a better paying outcome.
Take this Low-roller Blackjack game for a spin around the block!