Lotto Madness scratch card offers bonuses and instant cash prizes

The Lotto Madness Scratch will let gamers play with 1, 2 or 3 cards featuring 3x3, 9 windowed grids. This lotto game simply requires players to match numbers, has a top jackpot of 37,000 coins and offers two types of bonuses too.
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The Lotto Madness Scratch card: Barmy, baffling, bingo-related fun

This online scratch card has actually become pretty popular in recent years. Lotto Madness Scratch offers the ability for gamers to play up to 3 scratch cards at once, and does actually also offer them a few special features to boot. In almost every other way though, it is a typical online scratch card instant win game.

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Players don’t have to work too hard to determine how much they wish to play in the Lotto Madness scratch card. The card prices vary from 0.20, up to 100 per card. Players will be able to win anything from 2,000 to 37,000 coins with those wagering limits.

Firstly, players must choose how many cards they wish to play with, and there are three in total.

Once their wager has been set, they can click on the play button and begin. A number of balls will then be drawn into the container above, and these are the balls you are trying to match. If you match the numbers in the container to the numbers on the cards, you will win the amount stipulated underneath.

There is a bonus round too, which can be won by landing the wheel of fortune icon. The cash prize icon will automatically hand the player a cash win.

The use of two bonus icons in this scratch card game makes it really good fun. Also, it’s not the most expensive scratch card to play. Of course, player should remember that if they wish to play the max stake with all three cards, the 100.00 max stake will rise to 300.00.
Lotto Madness online instant win game: A pretty funky scratch card, as far as online scratch cards go...