Few instant-win casino games come any easier than Lost Pyramid

Few online instant win games come any simpler than The Lost Pyramid. Players have a selection of bricks to choose from, in a game that is very reminiscent of a scratch card game. At max wager, players can win up to 100,000 coins for matching 7 golden bricks.
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Lost Pyramid instant win game – With 100,000-coin top payout

This is a wonderfully designed, 3D instant win lottery game. The Lost Pyramid permits players to enjoy simplistic wagers, and very basic gameplay – offering them the ability to gamble at really no effort to themselves at all. Just the fact that they have chosen to pour into plenty of superb graphics, makes this instant win lotto game, great fun.

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Wagers begin at a lowly 0.10 per go on this game, although they can rise up to a total of 2.00 per game, if you wish to wager at the most expensive. All in all though, these are pretty typical stakes for lotto games.

Basically, the pyramid is filled with brick boxes. The player has a total of 7 choices to pick out as many of the golden cubes as they can. After each cube has been clicked on, it will either turn into a brown brick, or it will turn into a golden one. A player needs to match 2 or more golden bricks in order to win something from the paytable to the right of the screen. Basicness is sometimes appreciated, although here, perhaps it is a little too easy?

For a mere 0.10 wager, you can have the potential to win 5,000 coins for 7 matched golden bricks. That is really quite a large sum of money for as cheap a wager as this. However, keep in mind, you’ll need 7 golden bricks, from 7 picks, and there are a total of 36 bricks used in the whole pyramid, so it won’t be easy by any means!
The Lost Pyramid: A fair instant win game, cheap to play, decent jackpot – very basic...