Have a pair and there’s nothing left to spare with Let it Ride

How else could playing poker have such an easy streak to it except from this game. Build a pair thats ten or better and no matter what is left-over is merely the whipped cream on top for more winnings to be collected. Great fun if you like to see the game played in your favor sprinkled with a nice caribbean flavour.
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Let it ride - online Caribbean poker game by NXY Interactive

Familiar with a little game caled poker? Well, if you are then this version has the same rules and is easy to understand once you get the swing of it. This version of carribean stud poker will leave you feeling all fuzzy and warm from the ease of thinking too much about getting a good hand with winnings that are nicely returned.

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Your hand is simple enough to see as the first three cards that are dealt are turned upward so you can see the deal you get. Above you there are 2 cards that are faced down. These are called the Community cards so later you’ll have the chance to use them to further build-up your hand. The main lesson in this game is to have a pair of 10’s in your hand or better in order to win. It doesn’t get any more simple than that to win at this game. However, when you see what your current hand is you can chose to raise the bet based on what cards you have or see what the first community card is. Either way, if you have a pair of something higher than 10’s you have already won the game. After that it’s merely a matter is raising the stakes of you bet for more winnings.

No better time than to sit back and play some poker game with great odds no matter what you think the game is all about. Superb payback and loads of wins to feel like a king.
Having a nice big pair in your hands can lead to a big smile.