You’ll love Let It Ride Poker, Cryptologic’s take on this game

Let It Ride Poker, by Crytopologic has many of the same features that other online poker games contain, specifically in the way the hands pay out. There is a side (bonus) bet in this table game, which could see players win $30,000, whilst it can also be played against other players, via the multiplayer mode option.
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An alternative take on online poker from Cryptologic

Let It Ride Poker by Cryptologic is one of the most recent and popular poker variants to hit our screens in recent times. Set against a brilliant and authentic green backdrop and with multiplayer features possible in this game. From a graphics perspective, this title isn’t half bad, making it a realistic release in comparison with other less visually appealing Let It Ride poker games.

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Gamers have a range of chips that they can use to wager with, in Let It Ride Poker. The lowest bet that a player can make is 1.00 per spot, whilst wagers can go up to 1,000 per hand, if you playing in a high rolling casino. There is also a side bet that costs an additional 1.00 in this table game.

If the player doesn’t decide to challenge for the bonus, the pay table in Let It Ride is as follows. For a Royal Flush the player can win 1,000-1, whilst payouts of 200-1 and 50-1 are available for a Straight Flush or a 4 of a Kind. Players who bag a Full House can win 11-1 whilst 8-1 and 5-1 are the payouts for a Flush or Straight. 3 of a Kind pays out at 3-1, a 2 Pair is worth 2-1 and 10’s or Better are the lowest paying hands in this game, worth 1-1 returns.

Should the player decide to play the bonus round side bet, the payouts are as follows. A Royal Flush will pay out $30,000, whilst a Straight Flush is worth $3,000. Players netting a 4 of a Kind or a Full House will win $400 or $200 respectively, whilst $50 or $25 is available for a Flush or Straight, and a Three of a Kind pays out $5.00.
Typical Let It Ride gameplay but with multiplayer and bonus bet features...