Tired of poker? Get your hands on the Let It Ride Pro Series game

Let It Ride Pro Series is the ultimate release in terms of Let It Ride gameplay online. Players can choose from low, standard or high roller stakes, and there is a bonus bet which offers a massive win, albeit at the cost of an additional wager.
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Let It Ride Pro Series table game – With bonus bet feature

The Let It Ride Pro Series is a fantastic Let It Ride variant. Played on a typically green casino table, which has been designed especially for this game, Let It Ride Pro Series is the ultimate in Let It Ride online gambling games! This Let It Ride title players the chance to place a bonus bet, which if it comes off will be Worthing nothing short of a small fortune.

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Players can get to grips with the Let It Ride Pro Series table game, by choosing their chip values, which range from 1, to 5 and 10 in total. The Let It Ride Pro Series game has a table minimum stake of 1.00, and a capped table maximum of 40.00.

Players must first place their bet in the Ante betting circle, and additional bets will then be added to the 2 and 1 betting circles also. This means that your starting bet is originally 3 times the chip values you wagered. As the cards are dealt, players can choose to Let It Ride or Pull out their 2 and 1 wagers. The better the hand that is gradually revealed, the less you will want to pull them, obviously!

After all the cards have been revealed, the hand is set and compared to the paytable, to determine whether a player has a win or not.

Players will need to land tens or better if they are stand any chance of picking up a win in this Let It Ride Poker game. Other hands that pay out nicely include Two Pairs, Three of a Kind, Straights, Flushes, Full Houses, Four of a Kind, Straight Flushes and of course, Royal Flushes, which offer winnings of 1,000:1.
A superb all-in-one Let It Ride release, truly great fun!