It’s time to Let It Spin, or is it? OpenBet’s number guessing game

Without beating around the bush here, this is truly bad game. The player must correctly predict the correct number (or numbers), and the majority of those that try won’t have much luck, as it is impossibility difficult unless you wager on them all. Should you manage to pull off a win however, the amount the numbers payout increases, though of course should you lose, they will decrease. Players are going to be doing a lot more losing than winning, making Let It Spin, ultimately not worth your time.
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The Let It Spin wheel game by OpenBet – Predict the number, win money, or at theory!

Who knows what OpenBet’s Let It Spin instant win wheel game is truly supposed to be about? It appears to be a spacey futuristic piece, but that is just a guess really! Let It Spin is played across a dial, and goes by the tagline; white accumulates and black resets, but what could that possibly mean? Basically it means that if you win the value of the payouts increase.

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Players can begin staking their money on Let It Spin by first identifying what number they would like to bet on. Once this has been found, they can select from a series of wagers that vary from 1.00 up to 25.00 per number. A player can wager on up to 16 numbers (out of a total of sixteen) in the game making the maximum wager 400.00 per game.

Once the player is ready to start betting, they can click on the start button. A flashing light will pass around the dial in the centre of the screen. Once it is stops spinning, it will land on a number and that number will ultimately determine if you have won or not, and if so, how much you have won. It is all very simple, and even a complete newbie will be able to grasp this simple game in roughly no time at all.

Well, this game is a real disappointment. The chances of winning are remote, and the chances of winning a lot are virtually non-existent. There are a lot of other roulette/wheel/instant win games out there that offer better chances of success.
Not graphically great, bad odds of success, not cheap