Let ‘Em Ride by Real Time Gaming: Like poker but with a progressive jackpot

It’s one of the most exciting table games in the casino, online or otherwise. Make a series of up to three bets on a single hand in RTG’s Let ‘Em Ride plus wager on a big progressive jackpot for just $1 per hand.
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Let 'Em Ride

A popular casino table game, Let ‘Em Ride is an exciting play indeed at Real Time Gaming-powered online casinos. RTG outlets again break out the red felt for this game of intestinal fortitude. Hope for a pair and then, as they say, “Let ‘Em Ride!”

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After the player makes his/her initial wager – in RTG’s Let ‘Em Ride, wagers allowed run from $5 to $100 – and the “progressive” side bet for $1, he/she gets three cards face up, the dealer gets two face down.

Upon seeing the cards, the player may choose to “continue” for no extra wager or may “raise” to double the bet on the hand. The virtual dealer then turns one card and the player is again given the chance to continue or raise. Hands pay out according to rank, with a pair of 10s or better at 1/1 and the top win of a royal flush at 1,000/1.

For the progressive jackpot, a royal flush takes the entire pool of cash, while a straight flush is good for 10% of the progressive bank. Hands of four of a kind, full house or flush earn $500, $100 and $75, respectively.

Let ‘Em Ride? Sure thing, especially if you’re holding a three-card flush or a pair; then you can triple your bet and probably take back a serious payout from the online casino...
Feeling lucky? Great! Then Let ‘Em Ride in this RTG online casino game!