Give a little KISS to these double reels worth money

The upside to the KISS slot is that is plays over two separate 5-reels, while the down side is that it's played on two separate reels. The good and evil of slot developing. It's an amusing game but doesn't have as much as it could hold for a band as big as KISS. Well, you can still join the KISS Army...
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Shout it out loud for KISS Scatter spins with multipliers

Dust off that old LP record player and crank-up the volume so that Granny will hear that bass pumping, and get ready to spin the KISS slot game. You might want to wear those platform 12 inch heels while spinning this mighty awesome tribute to the band you love so much!

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You would figure that such an iconic band in the world would have an equally epic slot game that rocks your socks off. What you have found here is something of an epic mystery. What happened to the days of those simple games that played on 5-reels. Wait, isn't this a 5-reel? NO, in fact it's not! KISS the slot game is so damn big it can only be played on two separate 5-reels! There are 100 paylines that can be set, so you don't have to lift a finger (unless you don't win anything) and the stake to play is begun at just a penny (as a total 50 cent bet) to spin.

The max stake here is 250 bucks per spin for you KISS enthusiasts who have a pocketbook for spending wild amounts. Starchild (Paul Stanley) is the top jackpot pay offering a top win of 1,250x the stake. The Demon (Gene Simmons) is second banana at just 1000x the top win at max bets. The Wild is the cover shot featuring all 4 of the Kiss band members and perhaps the only spotting of Peter Chris (The Catman)... Sigh. This symbol alone will help make subs for the game while the feature game is triggered with 3 or more Scatter Kiss symbols.

Landed wins can still be offered the gamble game called Double-Up. This can win some fun amounts and is still a thrill to see if you double your winnings or not.
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