King Arthur's quest for the Holy Hi-Lo is spelled G-O-L-D

Increase the value of your bet by advancing from row to row in King Arthur’s Quest for the Holy Hi-Lo game. If you fail to guess correctly, the black dragon in the forest will certainly sizzle you and your horse, armor and all. Only you and your horses eyeballs will be left, oh, and minus your original bet.
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King Arthur's Quest for the Holy Hi-Lo

King Arthur’s Quest for the Holy Hi-Lo Game is a fairytale fantasy that can come true by merely advancing across 4 rows of high-low numbers. Gallivant across the Sherwood Forest for the highest value of gold coins you can wield.

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Guess whether the next stopping place in the forest will have either a higher or a lower number. If you get 5 or more in a row correct, advance to the second row and then either continue through the forest up to 4 rows to reach the Holy Grail or else collect on wins at the end of a row. You never know what's around the next bend. So forget the Holy Grail, the real Holy Grail in King Arthur’s Quest for the Holy Hi-Lo game is simply gold, and lots of it.

Play King Arthur’s Quest for the Holy Hi-Lo online game and gallop your way across the Sherwood Forest in search of casino coins to the final top row for the Holy Grail of wins.
Get pushed or advance one space when a number is either 1 or 19 making only one choice available for a bet.