Win supersonic amounts in the Kenotronic keno game

Play the new wave of keno rounds that might win incredible loads of winnings. Kenotronic keno game wins great top payout, even with 5 cent stakes! Come and be part of the future of online keno rounds. Great fun to play, and little skill need to win big!
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Kenotronic keno game with potential 10,000 dollar payout

The future is here with a very futuristic keno game. When it comes to style, the Kenotronic online keno game has it all. Featuring a standard board with 80 numbers! Pick your lucky numbers and win a potential jackpot worth 10 grand. You’re going to have a ball!

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Here’s a version of Keno that you haven’t seen before. Looking similar to those Danish sound systems, this Kenotronic keno game might just be the future of hi-fi luck you’re looking for. Sporting an 80 numbered grid, you can choose from 1-15 numbers all over the board.

As an alternate you can also pick to play the random selections too. While the lowest wager is only 5 cents per draw, a max payout of 500 bucks is not bad either! Max wins with a 20 dollar stake can produce a whopping 10 grand in return winnings. As you begin the game the balls will drop from the CD shaped gutter.

The total matches from your best picks will be shown in the end of that round. Press the Turbo button for quicker results. If you happen to be very fortunate, the collective matches increase each time the correct ball is drawn. Hurry up, this future is very bright!

Kenotronic online keno game looks tricky to play. Picks your favorite numbers and see where they end up first! Big wins coupled with futuristic thrills.
Kenotronic online keno game has 15 possible wins growing bigger each match produced.