Classic Keno: where your lucky numbers might be the winner

Anytime you like, have a round or two of Keno with odds to win across the board. The higher you go the bigger your payout. Even at pennies played per ball, you can still play for hours with plenty to spare. Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too.
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Set the stakes to win bigger in game of Keno every single time!

Forget playing Bingo with all those messy stamps and boring number callers. Enter the game of Keno which is most likely your ticket to exciting hours ahead. Pick it how you like, every round might be a bigger win. Who knows, you might land all 10 numbers total for a payout that really pays off!

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Not everyone is going to enjoy Keno for the same reasons. Thankfully the design and theme of this Keno game keep it fresh and lively. The board contains a total of 80 numbers which in total you can choose from 10 of them, but no less than 2 on each round. The stakes placed can start from only a penny per number chosen. Higher amounts can also be played. Your target is to match up to 10 on a single round with wins that are evaluated after the balls are dropped.

When they drop a total of 20 are drawn at random. You'll see which number is matched and which comes up on the tally board. Even select a number of auto spin plays to play the same numbers for a stretch, and watch the show as it rolls. Finally your best pick if the day determines if you've got what it takes to win big at Keno.

Go for the challenge of Keno with a fresh look and pennies to spare on each play. In this game, you'll have 10 picks over the entire board to match a winning combo.
How many hits can you pick in this unique game of Keno?