Top payout in Keno is 250,000x the stake? Goodness!

You can pick your friends and you can pick your lucky numbers, which ones will turn-up when you need them the most? Chances are, these Keno numbers are the ones that will surface more often than you think. Even if you did have to pay-out some stakes to bring them around...
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Pick up 15 numbers in Keno by RTG and let the karma come your way.

Who in the world still plays Keno? Let's just say it's the people who know a thing or two about a lively game that never gets old. Plus the fact that you might stand the shot at winning a massive amount of money? How much is that, well the top amount paid on a total play is 250,000 coins!

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This isn't your grand parents version of Bingo you used to hear about. This is Keno, and it's about to get serious right quick! Choose your numbers however you like. Any modest Keno player will tell you that certain numbers are bound to pop-up more often than next, or is it the weighted balls? Actually this is all electronic so there's no way to tell how it will turn out! Play the amount per round you want to stake and pick your numbers.

You can even play up to 1-10 rounds without doing anything so let the machine to do it. It'll randomly pick numbers to be selected, how wild is that. Now if you win based on your numbers the more hits you get the amount of the win goes up. Guess wrong and well, you know how that goes. Keno from RTG is a real hit with the ladies and for anyone who loves to see their lucky numbers come up. Keep your lucky charm close by, it's ready to play KENO!

Why wait for the bingo game to start when this round of keno is always ready to delight you nonetheless. When it comes to top payout, this is one game to keep an eye on!
Crazy about Keno? Come and pick your lucky numbers!