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Keno is another casino game included in our extensive gaming library that players can access and play via our casino portal. Keno is a bingo/lottery style casino game and the more numbers you choose the better your chances are to win.
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Lottery-style casino game, Keno, the bingo balls are ready to drop

Keno Strategy is easy and the game is widely played, it can be traced back to a game from 187 B.C. invented during the Han Dynasty, "The Game of the White Dove". It later became associated with Bingo and Lottery in the US but unlike lotteries or bingo, the keno player picks the numbers for his or her ticket(s). Learn how to play keno and play them directly from our casino games review portal.

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A Keno card is comprised of 80 numbers and the player can pick as many numbers as he or she would like. Players circle or mark their cards with a click of the mouse and then a board will flip and turn to reveal which winning keno numbers win. For each number the player has chosen that is picked gets marked off the card and the amount of numbers that the player originally chose determines the wins. Much of the game is automated but you still choose the numbers before you push the button for the game to play. Play either one or five games in a row with the same numbers.

Learn how to play keno and play them directly from our casino games review portal.
Playing Keno online is easy with special automated features and also allows Keno casino players to play multiple games at once.